Meeting Minutes, 10/18/2012

Commissioners Present: Jim Olsen, Chairman Jody Waltz, Secretary Harley Winer (Quorum)

Commissioners Absent: Ben Misko, Ben Markey

Guests: Sgt. Sam Palumbo – MCSD Patrols, Brendan McCarthy – Interview, Becker Rutledge – MCSD Financials, Kimberly Price – Cleveland Incident, David Anderson – First NBC, Royce Matheny – First NBC, George S. Clark – Cleveland Incident , Kenneth Gill – NOPD Officer, Kimball Schlafly – Cleveland Incident


Start of Meeting 6:35PM

Call to order by Jim Olsen

Sign In/ Introductions

Approval of last meeting and special meeting minutes

MOTION: To approve

  • Harley 1st, Jody 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries

Financial Report given by Becker

  • General information of financials

Activity Report given by Sgt. Sam Palumbo

  • General monthly and year-to-date statistics
  • 1547 calls for service, 485 assists, 180 citations, 175 warnings 14 telephone calls, 1 escort

Jim discussed the boundaries of MCSD – both sides of boundary streets should be covered by MCSD. Both sides of the bayou questioned – interior portion should be covered according to legislation.

3600 Cleveland Incident – Laundromat owner Kim Price voiced concerns about tenants of residence where shooting incident occurred and how the incident has affected her business. MCSD Sgt. has addressed problematic area previously which helped resolve some issues at the location. Sgt. recommended that all concerned parties should attend eviction hearing. Since shooting occurred, MCSD has patrolled location every half hour. Issues have gotten better over the past year but then shooting occurred. Eviction notice has been served but tenants will fight and are threatening neighbors.

Sgt. Palumbo asked to be excused. Cleveland Incident neighbors departed as well.

First NBC – David Anderson and Royce Matheny presented a brief overview of the bank. First NBC is in its 7th year of business with $2.5B in assets and 32 branches locally owned and operated. The initial offering for the services they can provide is interest rates of 1.5% on checking and 2.05% on a 1 year CD. They would require a copy of the legislation and minutes approving the transfer and signers on the account. Money will be collateralized and fully insured at all times. In addition, they offered their local branch on Canal Street for meeting space. Becker mentioned that current funds are with Morgan Stanley is currently at 0.5%.

MOTION: To have Becker meet with First NBC to discuss process of moving funds

  • Harley 1st, Jody 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries


Newsletter content was discussed by Jim Olsen. Goal is ASAP. Story slate proposed and edited.

MOTION: To accept edited newsletter

  • Harley 1st, Jody 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries

Discussion by Jim on outside legal counsel. Research requirement for procuring professional services.

MCSD intervening with blighted property tabled until legal counsel obtained. Virtual Neighborhood Watch and Assessor’s report tabled until next meeting.

Vehicle replacement discussion by Jim. 2 marked cars to retire and be replaced with marked SUVs. Retired vehicles will be returned to 1st and 3rd Districts.
MOTION: To order 2 SUVs

  • Harley 1st, Jody 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries

Jim mentioned Cooperative Agreement is stalled in City Attorney’s Office.

Discussion by Jim of 2013 Budget. City’s office requiring resolution regarding parcel fees.

MOTION: To approve resolution regarding 2013 parcel fee

  • Harley 1st, Jody 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries

Jim discussed Roberts Rules of Order and presented what minutes should contain. Announcement of next meeting – November 15, 2012 location TBA.
Call for other business: no response

MOTION: To adjourn:

  • 1st Harley, 2nd Jody
  • None opposed/all approved/motion for Adjournment carries

Meeting ended at 8:12P


Preliminary agenda for this meeting can be found here: Agenda for 10-18-12 Meeting

midcityMeeting Minutes, 10/18/2012