Meeting Minutes, 8/16/2012

Mid-City Security District

Board Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2012

3803 Cleveland Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


Commissioners Present: Commissioners Absent:

Jim Olsen Jody Waltz

Romney Richard

Harley Winer

Ben Misko



Sam Palumbo

Greg Beuermon

Jeanne Ward

Trish Nugent

Todd Shrank


Start of Meeting 6:30PM

Call to order by Romney Richard

Sign In/Introductions


MOTION:  Nomination of New Chairperson

Ben 1st for Jim Olsen, Harley 2nd the motion

Discussion/no opposition/motion for Jim Olsen to become new Chairperson carries


Jim takes over as the Chairperson for the meeting


Approval of last meeting minutes:

Changes to be made —

1.  Crime report – tires to be changed, not the decals for the vehicles

2.  Postage and printing needs to be added for newsletter (approx. $3,500)

MOTION:  To accept changes

Jim 1st for postage and printing, Romney 2nd

No opposition/unanimous approval/ motion carries


MOTION:  To accept last meeting minutes

Romney 1st, Ben 2nd the motion

None opposed/ all approve/ motion carries


Financial Report given by Romney on behalf of Becker

General information of financials

Audit report:  items corrected since last year

Newspaper ad before budget meeting

Bank account does not exceed FDIC limits

MOTION:  To approve financial report

Romney 1st, Ben 2nd motion

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


Insurance quotes — report given by Jim


Sam Palumbo — Activity Reports

General monthly, yearly statistics

Email regarding 3600 block of Cleveland


MOTION:  To accept monthly activity reports

Romney 1st, Ben 2nd motion

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


Jim inquired as to ordering car decals — Sam has a decal he can bring at next meeting; new decals are in and are being placed on the vehicles


Sam states new vehicles are in the shop for installing computers and overhead light systems — states top light bar may not be visible from the rear of the vehicles and may need to install a second light bar in the rear window on the vehicle (visual tests will determine if this needs to be done)


Screen issues in the new vehicle and the one on order.  To address the light bar and screen issues it may cost an additional $1,500 for both vehicles.


MOTION:  To approve $1,500 for light bar and screen issues on both new vehicles

Ben 1st, Harley 2nd

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


Location for upcoming meetings

Suggestions accepted for meeting places

Bars are not optional

Mid-City New Orleans Library would not accommodate the meeting

Possibly schools, community centers, DA’s office

New location must be ADA compliant, no alcohol served


Romney has agreed to allow meeting to continue at Cleveland location until an alternate location is found


Dash Cams/ Body Cams

Discussion regarding following NOPD policy once it is announced

MOTION:  To follow NOPD Policy regarding Dash/Body Cams

Romney 1st, Ben 2nd

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


New Commissioner Announced as Ben Markey who will be replacing Romney’s position on the board

He is located in the 3rd district and will be attending the 3rd district NONPAC meetings as a MCSD representative.


Crime Walk is prospectively being held on August 29th in the Mid-City area with the route to be announced

Suggested that once date and route are set to place information on the MCSD website.


MOTION:  Agenda should be placed on website 24hrs prior to meetings for public view

1st by Harley, 2nd by Ben

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


City/NOPD consent decrees — told by Sam that these will not be affecting the MCSD


Contract from City — Board is waiting for the return of the contract


Contract for Corey — Waiting for return of contract (website)

MOTION:  To accept contract with Corey

1st by Romney, 2nd by Ben

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


Contract for newsletter to be sent for renewal — Greg stated the agreement will be sent this week


Announcement of next meeting — September 20th, 2012 to be located at current meeting location unless other accommodations are made.


Call for other business:  no response


MOTION:  To adjourn:

1st Harley, 2nd Ben

None opposed/ all agreed/ motion carries


Meeting ended at 7:34PM


Mid-City Security District

Cash Transactions

As of August 31, 2012


Type Date Num Name Memo Debit Credit   Balance

Cash Accounts 1,647,749.37

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 1,647,749.37

Cash – Morgan Stanley   602,620.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/2/2012 1120 Bill Hood Ford 25,782.00   576,838.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/2/2012 1121 Crescent Decal Specialists Inc     687.00   576,151.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/2/2012 1122 Headquarters 911   3,700.00   572,451.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/2/2012 1123 Pelican Computer   5,100.00   567,351.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/2/2012 1124 Jim Olsen Notary Fee Reimburse       20.00   567,331.03

Bill Pmt – Check 8/16/2012 1125 City of New Orleans – NOPD Through 7-28-12 27,518.49   539,814.54

Bill Pmt – Check 8/16/2012 1126 Verizon Wireless On Account     217.14   539,597.40

Bill Pmt – Check 8/20/2012 1127 City of New Orleans – NOPD Through 7-14-12 34,464.54   505,132.88

Bill Pmt – Check 8/20/2012 1128 Code 3 Supply     388.00   504,764.88

Bill Pmt – Check 8/20/2012 1129 Vehicle Parts & Equip Co., Inc     856.80   503,908.06

Bill Pmt – Check 8/24/2012 1130 Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc 17,252.55   488,655.51

_______________ ______________ _____________
Total Cash - Morgan Stanley 0.00 115,964.52   488,655.51

CDs - Morgan Stanley 1,045,000.00

Total CDs - Morgan Stanely 1,045,000.00

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - Other                           129.34
Deposit 8/31/2012 Interest 535.78           685.12
_______________ _______________ ______________
Total Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - Other 535.78 0.00           665.12
_______________ _______________ ______________
Total Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 535.78 115,964.52 1,532,320.63
_______________ _______________ _______________
Total Cash Accounts 535.78 115,964.52 1,532,320.63
_______________ _______________ _______________
Total 353.78 115,964.52 1,532,320.63
_______________ _______________ _______________
_______________ _______________ _______________

Cash @ Beginning  1,647,749.37

Cash In - Receipts

Tax Revenue City of NO
Investment Income           535.78

Cash Out - Checks Written

Police City of New Orleans       61,981.03
Car & Computers, etc. for Cars         36,493.80
Insurance         17,252.55
Professional Fees                 20.00
Telephone               217.14
Cash @ End     1,532,320.63




Police paid through July 28


midcityMeeting Minutes, 8/16/2012