Meeting Minutes, 1-21-2016

Mid-City Security District
Regular Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2016
First NBC
4011 Canal Street
New Orleans, La. 70119

Board Members Present
Jim Olsen
Jay Brinkmann
Ben Misko
Harley Winer
Mike Riehlmann

Guests Present
Alicia Serrano
Patrick Armstrong
Julie Posner
Megan Garhan

6:30 – start of meeting. A quorum was present.

A motion to approve the minutes from the November 2015 meeting was made, seconded and approved.

Elections for Board Executive Committee: The presently serving Chair, Jim Olsen, Vice-Chair, Ben Misko, and Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Riehlmann
were re-nominated and approved after a vote of the Board.

 Financial Status Report: Becker Rutledge delivered a report indicating that the commission essentially broke even in 2015 and there is currently a
reserve of approximately $600,000.

Crime Report – Jim Olsen gave the monthly report and answered questions put to him by Board members and guests.

  • December Arrest Tally: 14
  • State Felony: 0
  • State Misdemeanor: 6
  • Municipal: 2
  • Traffic: 4
  • Summons: 2
  • Juvenile Felony: 0
  • Juvenile Misdemeanor: 0
  • Citations: 71
  • 2015 Calls for Service: 30,660
  • Residential Checks: 4,183
  • Business Checks: 15,718
  • Traffic Citations: 885
  • Traffic Warnings: 1,052

Purchase of Chevrolet Tahoe: Jim Olsen informed the members that the Tahoe is expected to be delivered by the end of February 2016.

Cellphone for Escort Service: After a vote of the Board and for the reasons discussed, the cellphone for escort service was discontinued.

Website Update: Jay Brinkmann agreed to review current state of the commission’s website and deliver a report at the next meeting.

Letter to Director of Finance Re: Undercharging Certain Parcels: Michael Riehlmann circulated a draft of a letter to the Director of Finance for CNO asking for a meeting regarding parcel fees. The letter was approved and will be sent out forthwith.

Inclusion of Condos in Fee Collections: Jim Olsen explained that the commission’s attorneys opined that condominium owners can be made to
pay the parcel fee to assist in funding the commission’s operations.

MCNO Camera Program: It was reported that the MCNO has seen to it that 17 new cameras have been installed and that there is another $3000 in the bank awaiting applicants.

Commission Contracts: Renewal of contracts between the MCSD and Eye Want Media, Becker Ruthledge and Adams and Reese was proposed and
approved by vote of the Board.

Safe on Our Streets Meeting: A report was delivered by guest Patrick Armstrong on the Safe on Our Streets group and its upcoming meeting.

Hood Ford Refund: Jim Olsen reported that he would inquire about the possibility of additional refunds for Hood Ford overcharges.

Public Comments: Patrick Armstrong discussed the website of the Lakeview Crime Prevention District and its user-friendliness.
Julie Posner posed questions to the Board concerning the possibility of mass-texting crime alerts and the issue will be researched and discussed at a
future meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved and the meeting was concluded.


As Secretary of the Mid-Security District, I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes duly and legally adopted by the
Board of Commissioners of the Mid-City Security District, after due notice, and that said minutes have not been rescinded, modified or recalled and are in full force and effect.

WITNESS my signature this ________ day of _________________, 201____.

Michael G. Riehlmann

mlukeMeeting Minutes, 1-21-2016