Meet your MCSD Commissioners

Street Car In Mid-City

Street Car In Mid-City

Five appointed Commissioners are responsible for oversight of the Security District, all of whom live within the District:

  • Jim Olsen, Chairman, appointed by Susan Guidry
  • Megan Misko, Vice Chairman, appointed by Mid-City Neighborhood Organization
  • Michael Riehlmann, appointed by Mid-City Neighborhood Organization
  • Mary Moises, appointed by Mid-City Neighborhood Organization
  • Tung Ly, At Large, appointed by the Parkview Neighborhood Association
  • MCSD Operational Commander: Sgt. Sam Palumbo, Sr.

To contact the Commissioners please email them at or visit our contact page.

Sgt. Sam Palumbo, Sr. serves as the Coordinator of the Mid-City Security District and is responsible for overseeing the District’s patrolling officers and operations.  Sam joined the NOPD in 1976 and is now in his 37th year on the force.  In April 2010, Sam assumed his current role with the Security District.  “My job is to help the Department make Mid-City a safer place to live, work and enjoy the good things New Orleans has to offer, and to make sure the Security District’s officers have a strong and visible presence on our streets where they can make the most difference.”

Sam reminds all area residents that they too have an important role in making Mid-City safe by reporting suspicious activity or persons, keeping their yards and porches well lit and  free from clutter and obstacles that may obstruct view, and keeping their cars and homes locked at all times.

During his time with NOPD Sam has also served in the 2nd, 5th and 8th police districts, serving as Community Coordinator for the 1st district just prior to assuming his post with MCSD.

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