Meeting Minutes, 1-15-15

Mid-City Security District
Regular Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2015
First NBC
4011 Canal Street
New Orleans, La. 70119

Board Members Present

Jim Olsen

Ben Markey

Mike Riehlmann

Harley Winer

Ben Misko

Guests Present
Sgt. Sam Palumbo
Becker Rutledge

Call to Order 6:30 p.m. A quorum was present.

A sign in sheet was passed around and all Board members and guests signed their names thereto.

A motion was made and approved to approve the minutes from the November 2014. No December 2014 meeting was had.

Crime Report — Sergeant Palumbo gave his monthly report and answered questions put to him by Board members and guests.

December 2014 Mid-City Crime and Arrest Stats:

57 calls on cell (18 during daytime when phones are not in service)

5 assaults – 4 were cleared with arrest

1 armed robbery cleared with arrest

2 stolen cars cleared by arrest (7 auto thefts, 4 were recovered)

Shooting on Tulane and Rendon (5 arrests —2 still at large)

18 arrests

State Felony – 0

State Misdemeanor – 7

Municipal arrest – 3

Traffic arrest -2

Summons arrests -6

Juvenile felony arrests – 0

Juvenile misdemeanor arrests – 0

MCSD Statement of Cash Position 2014 — A report was delivered by Becker Rutledge as to the Statement of Assets, Liabilities & Equity- Cash Basis and the Statements of Revenues and Expenses- Cash Basis for the Commission as of December 2014

Audit due June 30, 2015 (Audit will occur sometime in May)

Surveillance Camera RFP— Board will rewrite specs for on line storage and bidding. RFP to be modeled after the city and state requests for surveillance camera systems

CEA — Discussion was had as to a proposal that the Board ask its attorney to not pursue contacting city attorney office regarding the CEA. The proposal was made, seconded and approved by the Board.

Operation clean sweep — Discussion was had as to the continuation of the contract for graffiti remediation with Operation Clean Sweep.

The proposal to maintain the contract was made, seconded and approved by the Board.

Newsletter — A proposal was made to discontinue the current newsletter and find alternate means of communication. The proposal was seconded and approved by the Board.

Replacement of Sgt. Palumbo’s Car — Preliminary discussion was entertained about the possibility of using Sgt. Palumbo’s current vehicle as unmarked police car and replacing it with a new car. The discussion will resume when additional information is obtained.

Assessor’s Office — Discussion was had about whether the Inspector General should be asked to begin an investigation on the assessor’s office failure to collect all fees. Additional remedies could be possible mandamus action. S Jeanne Ward will get addresses of properties that could not confirm payments to discuss at next month’s meeting.

Neighborhood watch – post something on website for Feb. meeting.

Ethics training  — Make sure all board members conduct ethics compliance training online.

Prepaid credit card for Sam’s office supplies — table for later discussion.

Business cards — Discussion was had as to the wisdom of handing out business cards at bars. Board members concluded that this would not be appropriate use of MCSD resources.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved and the meeting was concluded.


As Secretary of the Mid-Security District, I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes duly and legally adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Mid-City Security District, after due notice, and that said minutes have not been rescinded, modified or recalled and are in full force and effect.

WITNESS my signature this _______ day of ______________, 20____.


Michael G. Richlmann

midcityMeeting Minutes, 1-15-15