Meeting Minutes 10-17-13

Mid-City Security District

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2013

First NBC

4011 Canal St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


Commissioners Present:  Jim Olsen, Chairman;  Jody Waltz, Secretary; Ben Markey;  Harley Winer;   Ben Misko (6:38PM) (Quorum)

Commissioners Absent: None

Guests: Sgt. Sam Palumbo; Sten Thornburg;  Bryan Lagarde;  Billy Bayle; Becker Rutledge;  Lucy Trebotick;  Josef Wright;  Erika Hamm; Pauline Patterson;  Roux Merlo;  Della Hasselle


Start of Meeting 6:30PM

Call to order by Jim Olsen


MOTION: To approve October 8th meeting minutes

  • Winer 1st, Markey 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


MOTION: To approve September 18th meeting minutes

  • Winer 1st, Markey 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

Activity Report given by Sgt. Sam Palumbo

  •   General monthly and year-to-date statistics
  •   2031 calls for service, 687 assists, 109 citations, 221 warnings, 24 calls and 5 escorts, 427 Residence Checks,
  • 1429 Business Checks.


Financial Report given by Becker Rutledge

General information of financials.

Amending 2013 Budget tabled.

Vote to renew parcel fee is Feb. 1, 2014.  The renewal period will be 5 years.  The Board will look into changing the legislation to reduce the parcel fee and/or restructure the fee after the election. The Resolution was approved by City Council.  Awaiting word from the Bond Commission.


BFM Plan – To increase community awareness of MCSD’s existence and provide information regarding safety and security.  Accomplish though a newsletter and postcard campaign.

ACTION ITEM: Markey to work with BFM and soliciting bids and plan.

Consent Decree/OSE – Other Districts had meeting with DOJ.  We are taking a cooperative approach with OSE and the City.

Vehicles – New SUV ordered.

Night Out Against Crime – Winer attended Parkview event;  Olsen and Waltz attended 5 parties within MidCity.  Board would like to host a big event next year.


MOTION: To approve 2014 Budget Resolution

  • Winer 1st, Misko 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


Next meeting: November 21, 2013


MOTION: To adjourn

  •  1st Winer, 2nd Markey
  •   None opposed/all approved/motion for Adjournment carries

Meeting ended at 7:42PM.


JeffLoquistMeeting Minutes 10-17-13