Meeting Minutes, 11/21/2013

Commissioners Present: Jim Olsen, Chairman; Jody Waltz, Secretary; Ben Markey (6:35PM); Harley Winer; Ben Misko (Quorum)

Commissioners Absent:  None

Guests: Sgt. Sam Palumbo; Marie Olagues; Marta Jewson; Jeanne Ward

Start of Meeting 6:29PM
Call to order by Jim Olsen

MOTION: To approve October 17th meeting minutes

  • Winer 1st, Misko 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

MOTION: To approve October 31st meeting minutes

  • Misko 1st, Winer 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

Activity Report given by Sgt. Sam Palumbo

  • General monthly and year-to-date statistics
  • 2555 calls for service, 527 assists, 100 citations, 241 warnings, 32 calls and 3 escorts, 437 Residence Checks, 1143 Business Checks.
  • Totals for January through November 16th – 20,118 calls for service, 1035 citations, 2130 warnings, 5222 Residence Checks, 10,612 Business Checks, and 31,354.97 Hours (as of Nov. 2nd)

License Plate Reader Presentation – Tabled

Financial Report – Information not available for the meeting.

  • Amend/Approve 2013 Budget Changes – Tabled

Communications – Markey spoke with Greg Beuerman about newsletter pricing. Newsletter scheduled to be sent out in January with magnets. Post cards will be sent in December.

ACTION: Check 2013 Budget.

Markey and Misko were excused.

Vote to renew parcel fee is Feb. 1, 2014.

Consent Decree/OSE – In discussion with DOJ and City Attorney’s Office. MCSD should be able to maintain its current status and be separate from the OSE.

Cooperative Agreement – Received from the City. Olsen is speaking with Counsel to have contract expirations coincide with MCSD’s renewal.

MOTION: To approve Resolution Authorizing Olsen to Execute City of New Orleans Tax Clearance Authorization

  • Winer 1st, Waltz 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

Graffiti Removal – Waltz suggested contacting the “Grey Ghost.”

Security Lights – Sgt. Palumbo would like to expand project. There are currently 22 lights and additional lights should still be within Special Projects Budget.

MOTION: To approve 10 additional lights

  • Winer 1st, Waltz 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

State of the District Presentation – To be held at the next MCNO meeting, 12/9/2013.

ProjectNOLA – Schedule a site visit in the next few weeks.

Legislative Sponsorship – Karen Carter Peterson will sponsor bill for Nov. 2014. Co-sponsors may be Jared Brossett and Nick Lorusso.

N.O. Tax Assessor’s Office – Olsen has requested demographics 5 times with no response.

December Meeting cancelled.

Next meeting: January 16, 2014.

MOTION: To adjourn

  • 1st Winer, 2nd Waltz
  • None opposed/all approved/motion for Adjournment carries

Meeting ended at 7:22PM.

JeffLoquistMeeting Minutes, 11/21/2013