Meeting Minutes 2-10-14

Mid-City Security District

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2014

First NBC

4011 Canal St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


Commissioners Present:  Jim Olsen, Chairman; Jody Waltz, Secretary (6:33PM);  Ben Markey; Harley Winer (Quorum)

Commissioners Absent:   Ben Misko

Guests: Jeanne Ward;  Della Hasselle;  Sylvia Frankli;  Josef Wright


Start of Meeting 6:30PM

Call to order by Jim Olsen


MOTION: To approve January 16th  meeting minutes

  • Winer 1st, Markey 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.

Activity Report given by Chairman Olsen on behalf of Sgt. Sam Palumbo

  •  General monthly and year-to-date statistics
  •  2712 calls for service, 587 assists, 161 citations, XXX warnings, 31 calls and XX escorts, XXX Residence Checks, XXXX Business Checks.

Attorneys working with DOJ.  Deadline for OSE has been extended.

Waltz updated on status of camera project.  He spoke with Bryan Lagarde of ProjetNOLA and gave him a project scope.  He is awaiting pricing from ProjectNOLA.

Harley did not meet with Operation Clean Sweep regarding graffiti cleanup but did speak with him via telephone.  He will meet with him in the upcoming month.

License plate reader procurement will be added to the agenda for next month’s meeting.

MOTION: To accept the amended statute to present to legislators which must be filed by February 28th

  • Markey 1st, Winer 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


The Crown Victoria was totaled in an accident.  Discussion about purchasing a new vehicle.  Equipment from totaled vehicle will be used if possible.  ACTION ITEM: 2014 Budget will need to be amended if purchase approved.

MOTION: To purchase new vehicle not to exceed $50,000.00

  • Winer 1st, Waltz 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


Reports of voter irregularities were researched and deemed to be false from a sample ballot picture presented and the fact that voting on the renewal occurred in the Precincts in question.

Letter from resident was presented and as well as Chairman Olsen’s response.

Next meeting:  March  20, 2014.

MOTION: To adjourn

  • 1st Waltz, 2nd Markey
  • None opposed/all approved/motion for Adjournment carries


Meeting ended at 7:13PM.

JeffLoquistMeeting Minutes 2-10-14