Meeting Minutes 4-18-13

April 18, 2013

Commissioners Present: Jim Olsen, Chairman; Ben Misko; Jody Waltz, Secretary; Harley Winer; Ben Markey (Quorum)

Guests: Jeanne Ward; Sgt. Sam Palumbo

(please add others that were in attendance, as I did not get sign in sheet from table)


Start of Meeting 6:34PM

Call to order by Jim Olsen


Motion: To approve March meeting minutes

  • Misko 1st, Markey 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries


Financial Report: (Becker absent, report given by Olsen)

All funds transferred to 1st NBC from Morgan Stanley accounts

Expect check from city treasurer office by end of month; this will be bulk of revenue for year


Crime Stats – Sgt. Palumbo

Increase in petty thefts

Purse snatching has been reclassified as property theft

Uptick of crimes of opportunity

Suggestions for newsletter:

Cell phone theft scams

Reporting crimes in a timely manner

311 needs to be used for all non-emergency calls; not escort number

MCSD does not write patrol reports for district calls

1,615 calls for service; 509 calls for police assistance

(please add stats, did not get a Sam’s paperwork)


Radios for cars –

Will allow officers to listen to both district radio frequencies at the same time

Will not install in unmarked car; only for marked vehicles

Must use city vendor for radios and installation; Tumba estimate $21,000


Motion to budget for radios

1st Winer; 2nd Misko

No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries


One car in shop – Estimate for repair $6,500.00

Palumbo suggests car to be fixed at a Ford dealership


Motion: $8,000 budget for Ford dealership

  •  1st Winer; 2nd Misko
  •  No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries


Old Business:

10 security lights were installed in Security District

No complaints

Possibly put 10 more – will take up at next meeting



Cell Phones –

252-1970 number is for escorts only from 7pm to 7am

1971 number will go through Google voice for transfer

Eventually may have 1971 phone become automated general information number for MCSD

Motion: As of now forward 2nd cell to 1st cell number

1st Markey; 2nd Waltz

No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries

Meeting with Greg, Chantrel, Olsen and Markey

Regarding Stay Safe/Stay Informed items

Printing changes, pamphlets



Next meeting address:

Monthly budget

Newsletters vs. postcards

Get the numbers for possible budget for slogans and ads


Action Item:

Markey to seek design and marketing strategies/ work further with Greg

Suggestions: letter from board to residents stating what MCSD and NOPD do,

differences, who to call when


Next meeting May 21, 2013 6:30pm


Motion: To adjourn

  •                 1st Winer, 2nd Misko
  •                 No opposition/ unanimous approval/motion carries


Meeting ended at about 7:30PM







JeffLoquistMeeting Minutes 4-18-13