Meeting Minutes 5-15-14

Mid-City Security District

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2014

First NBC

4011 Canal St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119


Commissioners Present:    Jim Olsen, Chairman; Jody Waltz, Secretary; Harley Winer; Ben Markey; Ben Misko (Quorum)

Commissioners Absent: None

Guests: Della Hasselle; Brad Cousins; Joseph Wright; Sgt. Sam Palumbo


Start of Meeting 6:30PM

Call to order by Jim Olsen


MOTION: To approve contracts for services provided by Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald (BMF), Eye Want Media, and S. Jeanne Ward.

  • Winer 1st, Misko 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


MOTION: To re-appoint Jim Olsen as Chairman, Ben Misko as Vice Chairman, and Jody Waltz as Secretary-Treasurer.

  • Winer 1st, Markey 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


(Commissioner Winer was excused at 6:35pm.)


Activity Report given by Sgt. Sam Palumbo

  •  General monthly statistics:
  •  2779 calls for service, 410 assists, 101 citations, 213 warnings, 429 Residence and 1568 Business Checks.
  •   Year-to-date statistics:
  •   11,578 calls for service, 483 citations, 971 warnings, 2114 Residence and 6253 Business Checks.
  •   New vehicle is on the way.


MOTION: To approve April 17th  meeting minutes.

  • Markey 1st, Misko 2nd
  • No opposition/ unanimous approval/ motion carries.


Chairman Olsen reviewed status of Senate Bill 587.  Bill has been approved by the House Committee and Senate.  Should be effective for next tax assessment.  Information from Assessor came in four packages and was full of errors. Jeanne Ward is working on organizing the information.


Virtual Crime Watch – Comm. Waltz is working on scope and bid package.


Crime Walk to take place in MidCity starting at Comiskey Park and will be the last Wednesday of the month.


Insurance renewal is due in August. MCSD will be accepting bids based on the previous policies and coverage values.  Policies include Errors and Omissions, General Liability, and Police Professional Liability.


Financial Report given by Chairman Olsen on behalf of Becker Rutledge.

General information of financials for the month of April.


BMF will make a presentation at the next meeting about an App to inform residents of MCSD information.


A Resolution was presented authorizing the Chairman of the Mid-City Security District to enter into contracts for services provided to the Mid-City Security District.


Next meeting:  June 19, 2014.


MOTION: To adjourn

  •  1st Markey, 2nd Misko
  •   None opposed/all approved/motion for Adjournment carries


Meeting ended at 7:16PM.

JeffLoquistMeeting Minutes 5-15-14