Meeting Minutes 7-17-14

Mid-City Security District

Regular Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2014

First NBC

4011 Canal St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

Board members present:

Jim Olsen

Jody Waltz

Ben Markey

Harley Winer

Ben Misko

Guests Present:

Jennifer Fletcher

Jim Tonglet

Della Hasselle

Jeanne Zitler

Megan Langhoff

Call to order/introductions 6:30PM

Motion to approve June Minutes

1st Markey

2nd Jody

Motion approved

June Crime Stats:

State Felony: 0

State Misdemeanor: 11

Municipal: 4

Traffic: 4

Summons: 5

Juvenile Felony: 1

Juvenile Misdemeanor: 0

Citations: 170

9 fewer crimes in first 6 months compared to 1st 6 months of last year

MCSD Independent Auditor Report

Report and presentation given by Jennifer and Tim

Good internal controls

No compliance violations

Resolved 2 issues from last year (all money FDIC insured and MCSD made necessary budget adjustments)

Report will be published on Secretary of State Auditor’s site

OPSE Update

MCSD is indefinitely deferred from office of secondary employment over site

House bill for district has been signed by the Governor

CEA Update

Renegotiating the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with City – slow movement on the City side

Insurance Quotes

Have till the end of August to get quotes

May have to increase policy limits

May wish to have umbrella coverage

RFP Update

Jody is working on and will have something soon

Assessor Data Completed

Working on info to possibly adjust residential and age/disability freeze properties

Add Crime stats to newsletters

Proof copy of newsletter for print

Survey monkey extended

Will extend survey monkey

Crime Walk

2 anti-crime walks this month

3rd district – by Yacht club

1st District – Uolla and S DeHemmecourt

Public Comments

Motion to Adjourn:

1st Jody

2nd Harley

All approved

Meeting adjoined approx 7:30 PM


As Secretary of the Mid City Security District, I hereby certify that the forgoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes duly and legally adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Mid City Security District, after due notice, and that said minutes have not been rescinded, modified or recalled, and are in full force and effect.

WITNESS my signature on this _____ day of ____________________, 20___.


midcityMeeting Minutes 7-17-14