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The Mid-City Security District was created by law to provide security in Mid-City above and beyond that which would normally be provided by the New Orleans Police Department. It was formed and approved by the voters of Mid-City in 2008, and renewed for 5 years in 2014. It is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, not the City of New Orleans. MSCD officers patrol and respond to 911 calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All MCSD officers are commissioned NOPD working overtime NOPD shifts, and have the same authority and responsibilities as when they are working their regular shifts. Their primary responsibilities in the MCSD are to patrol within the boundaries of the MCSD and respond to emergency calls. The patrol cars carry all of the same equipment as NOPD cars, and monitor emergency dispatches and radio traffic from both 1st and 3rd District police stations. The officers make both routine and requested checks of businesses and residences.

MCSD & NOPD: Who Is Responsible For What

Patrol Neighborhoods X X
Traffic Stops X X
Respond to 911 Calls X X
Stop Suspicious Persons X X
Use Fully Equipped NOPD Cruisers X X
Business and Residence Checks X
821-2222 Non-Emergency Response X
Follow Up on Arrests/Investigations X
Conduct Narcotics Investigations X

Report what you observed.

MCSD phone – 504 252 1570

Beginning November 1, 2017, the MCSD cell phone will be available for residents to request an officer observe you entering or exiting your residence or your place of business. The service will be available between the hours of 7 PM to 3AM. This number is not intended for emergencies, or other MCSD/NOPD or city services.

You must be registered on the MCSD phone to use this service.

To register please go to the Quick Contact tab on the main page and enter: your name, the number you will be calling from, and your address. We need that information to be sure the calls are for their intended purpose, the address is in the security district boundaries and so the officer has the address readily
available. This service is available only on an as needed basis.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the officer to respond. Please remember that if the officer is on a Call for Service they may not be immediately available.

Thank you
Jim Olsen

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